LINKERS team deserved our trust and led the negotiation in English, to our great satisfaction

Gérard Zurek, CEO of SVD

LINKERS, which I had first requested for an evaluation as part of an industrial merger project, was able to demonstrate the relevance of an OBO as a better option in this context.

Alexandre Guesdon, Founder of LM2S

We were looking for an experienced and proved financial advisory and we are very satisfied of this collaboration with LINKERS.

Jean-Louis Gentilin, CEO of Gentilin

The deal was efficiently arranged by LINKERS.

Guy Paillaud, Store Factory

Thanks to LINKERS, the deal could be finalised in a way that fully matched my initial expectations, in a very short time.

Jean-Claude Ricomard, CEO of TANNERIES ROUX

Our collaboration with LINKERS is successful and goes on as we explore opportunities in Germany and UK, in order to strengthen our international presence.

Nicolas Boutet, CEO and founder of WEDIA

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