Where does the success of the city of Deauville come from?

What has con­trib­uted to the pop­ular­ity of Deauville ?

Deau­ville, fam­ous for its prom­en­ade des Planches bor­der­ing the beach, exper­i­enced a rise in notori­ety in 1966, thanks to the suc­cess of Claude Lel­louche’s film “Un homme, une Femme”. Deau­ville is not only a beach under the sum­mer sun: the sea­side resort is attract­ive all year round thanks to its wide range of infra­struc­tures, activ­it­ies and tour­ist spots that boost the tour­ist sched­ules and keep the social net­works going all year round:

Inter­na­tion­al events

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