Company Sale

Securitas Teleassistance

Date: November 2021

Operation: Sold to BLUELINEA

Turnover: €2m

Sector(s): Security, Services and Distribution

Activity: Téléassistance

SECURITAS Téléassistance worked directly with customers (B2C), as well as property managers, non-profit organisations and home care services. This operation enables the new unit to enter the top 5 in the French phone assistance market, with nearly 50,000 subscribers and a 7% market share.

Fluid-e runs a collaborative B2B SaaS supply management platform providing the means for all supply chain operators (manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics providers, retailers, etc.) to connect. Procurement is streamlined and quality of service optimized due to this visibility in real time. Its clients include Auchan, Carrefour, Monoprix, Metro and Simply Market, for example. Fluid-e has been acquired by DDS Logistics (revenue €10 M), French leader in transportation management systems, thereby completing its range of solutions (international sourcing, joint procurement management and transport management).


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