Date: September 2018

Operation: 3 acquisitions: Metra, Mestrole, Menao

Turnover: €30m

Sector(s): EEC

Activity: Energy & Cleantech

MPH has finalized 3 acquisitions: MESTROLE, METRA and MENAO with the intention of widening its offer to cover the entire market segment, thereby strengthening its position relative to oil-producers. MPH Energie has entrusted the LINKERS Energy & Cleantech team with an exclusive mandate to assist them in the implementation of the company’s external growth strategic objectives. To date this has led to 4 acquisitions including ERETI in 2016.

Buy-Side Advisors:

  • Financial: LINKERS Energy & Cleantech (Philippe Delecourt, Giuseppe Sangiovanni)
  • Legal: BLM Avocats (Lise Marchal)
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