Emn acquisition of Hygenie

Date: January 2023

Operation: Acquisition of Hygenie

Turnover: €53m

Sector(s): Services et distribution

Activity: Nettoyage Industriel

The EMN network has finalised its fourth external growth operation in 6 months with the acquisition of SOLVITNET (Côtes-d’Armor) and HYGENIE (Nantes), which contribute an additional €7 M in revenue and strengthen EMN’s presence in Brittany.

Assisted by Linkers, the Normandy-based company, which generated €6.7 M in revenue in its region in 2013, has become over the last decade a multi-regional network established in the Grand-Ouest and Ile-de-France with consolidated revenue of over €53 M.

Buy-side Advisor LINKERS (Philippe Laurent, Florent Coudray).

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