Elixir Aircraft second fundraising

Date: February 2024

Operation: €13m Fundraising with Innovacom, Bpifrance, NACO...

Sector(s): Industrials

Activity: Aircraft manufacturer

Elixir Aircraft, a French aircraft manufacturer, has finalized its capital financing of 40 million euros over the next five years.

The financing was completed by raising funds from several investors, including Innovacom, Bpifrance and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region (NACO). These funds will be allocated to the construction of a new factory in La Rochelle, as well as to the recruitment of personnel to expedite delivery rates. The aircraft manufacturer has already delivered 19 of its 4th-generation Elixir aircraft, with a further 200 on pre order.

Advisor to the Company: LINKERS – Philippe Laurent and Florent Coudray.

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