CARI Menuiserie

Date: MAY 2016

Operation: MBO

Turnover: €9M

Sector(s): Industrials

Activity: Casework & milwork

CARI, a company acquired by FAYAT in 2010, is part of the FAYAT GROUP’s construction division. Their fittings subsidiary which has sales of €9m and 48 staff, has just been acquired in an LBO by COB Pierre Carré and CEO David Charbonneaux. Based in Reims and in the Paris area, CARI Menuiserie specialises in interior and exterior fittings for the private and public sector and has a superb portfolio of office, store network and hotel projects: L’Oréal, Orange, Roland-Garros, Unibail, Mariott, Château’Form…

Advisor to the Management: LINKERS – Didier Busquet

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