Company Sale


Date: January 2021

Operation: Sold to a subsidiary of the Italian CTA Group

Turnover: €4m

Sector(s): Industrials, Services and Distribution

Activity: Provider of seamless pipes & fittings stainless steel

ALCO is a specialist in storing and selling conventional industrial piping products, as well as classified products for the nuclear sector.

Pursuant to an international operation requiring prior examination by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance as part of the verification and vetting process for foreign investments in French strategic sectors (FDI), control of ALCO passed to the Italian group CTA.

Jean-Max SCHNEIDER, CEO of ALCO: “Our partnership with LINKERS has been fruitful. Of course, he who pays the piper… but I feel that we spontaneously established true teamwork with Giuseppe Sangiovanni; he swiftly understood our potential, and was able to explain and demonstrate it. Despite the pandemic, we were able to have meetings and visits, and use all available communication tools right down to the final electronic signature. While we had a positive track record and generated profit, and were authorized and appreciated by leading French industrial groups, LINKERS was able to highlight all this, and above all promote it.

A facilitator during tense phases, attentive and watchful when everything seemed blocked, LINKERS never gave up and always suggested ideas and solutions so that their client, and other parties, were ultimately all highly satisfied at the closing. Thanks to everyone.”

M&A sell-side: LINKERS (Philippe DELECOURT, Giuseppe SANGIOVANNI).


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