Company Sale

ADT International

Date: February 2023

Operation: Sold to LANGUAGEWIRE

Turnover: €7M

Sector(s): Services and Distribution

Activity: Translation agency

Founded over 25 years ago, ADT (€7 M in revenue) is a long-standing operator and independent leader in the French translation services market, with a loyal client base of key accounts and legal stakeholders (intellectual property, law firms, etc.). ADT has been acquired by LANGUAGEWIRE (€70 M in revenue), a Danish group established in 13 countries across several continents.

This operation will enable LanguageWire to strengthen its position in the French market, notably in the legal field, and ADT to benefit from LanguageWire’s technological solutions (automation, AI, etc.).

M&A Advisor: LINKERS (Jérôme Luis, Partner).

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